2019 English Talent Show in Guixi Meidi School

  2019 English Talent Show in Guixi Meidi School

  In order to improve the oral English and performance ability of middle school students and expand the channels of English learning, the English group of the middle school department of our school held an English Talent Show Competition on the afternoon of June 1.

  Teachers and students were very active in this activity. They chose their own scripts, brought their own clothes, wrote lines and rehearsed carefully. Everything was done by teachers and students after class. The students devoted themselves to the performance. At the same time, what was particularly valuable in all the performances was that all the actors spoke in English,talked to each other in English and got applause from the audiences.

  After the judges scored on the spot, the English play A New Story about Mencius Mother’s Home Moving of Class 6, Grade 8 won the first prize. Class 3, Grade 8 A Fox and A Tiger and Class 2, Grade 7 The Little Match Girl won the second prize. What’s more, there were five classes that won the third prize. They were an English Speech Low Carbon Life of Class 1, Grade 8, a self-directed drama You Are My Best Present in the World of Class 2, Grade 8, an English speech English Study of Class 2, Grade 7, an English play Mulan Joined the Army of Class 3, Grade 7, and an English play The Journey to the West of Class 6, Grade 7. In addition, the performances of Class 1, Grade 7, Class 4, Grade 7 and Class 5, Grade 7 were also excellent.

  Last but not least, thanks for our Headmaster Zhang’s support, this competition was held successfully.

  The students below are our hosts --- Lu Lina and Huang An.




  The first prize - Class 6, Grade 8



  The second prize - Class 3, Grade 8 & Class 2, Grade 7




  The third prize - Class 1, Grade 8; Class 2, Grade 8; Class 1, Grade 7; Class 3, Grade 7 and Class 6, Grade 7








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